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Julia Buckingham

Julia Buckingham – RMN, DSW, Dip.counselling, Bsc.

After failing at Canterbury art college in my teens, I drifted into psychiatric nurse training which proved to be a very tough but effective lesson in life. While I did qualify, I chose to leave the profession, moving to Dorset to work as a residential social worker at a hostel for people with mental illness. Years later, I underwent the social work training during which time I specialised in addictions, working with the elderly and people with mental health issues.

After a period running two supported housing projects, I commenced work at the Arts University Bournemouth, heading the student support facility. Over the years I underwent my counselling training, provided a counselling service for the students and developed a number of other practical support networks. I took my degree in Interprofessional Health and Social studies and with a wish to build on my counselling skills, trained as a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner (life coach).

Counselling and working with people has always been my passion and over the years I have been privileged to have worked with a diversity of clients with a variety of issues.

My approach is more of a 'person centred' one where it is my belief that the client is the expert of themselves and my role is to enable people to acknowledge their issues and recognise how the strengths they possess can be used to overcome them.

The way I work varies therefore according to the individual while abiding by the ethical guidelines of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

It is always my aim to engage, enlighten and finally, to empower.


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